You may find yourself facing difficulty in yourself and in your life. This could be a vague sense of unease, being in dysfunctional relationships, physical or mental illness, or just feeling a longing for something, which has not been met. These difficulties are all starting places for transformation and an indication that your energy system is out of balance or blocked.

We are all in perpetual change and our energy systems are trying to maximize our potential to increase our Presence.

Creative Self-expression is trying to emerge from the defensive structure we have built up around us.

We create this individual pattern of defence from the myriad of our experience – from the moment of conception in this lifetime and the patterns we bring with us from other dimensions. We create our individual pattern of reality in an attempt to make sense of the world we find ourselves in. Most of this pattern operates from our unconscious, laid down in our belief system before we were able to rationalise. These beliefs limit our sense of self and we become trapped in patterns of behaviour that repeatedly create negative and self-defeating experiences.

By becoming more aware and challenging these ‘safe’ and limiting patterns, we can free ourselves from emotional and physical pain and live from a more expanded state of awareness, where we create positive and joyful experience.

We transform our limited sense of self, transcend our limited view of who we think we are and begin to live from a multi-dimensional ‘beingness’.

Being in multidimensional consciousness creates a transmission in the moment to others, bringing you to a greater awareness of your own process. This process becomes conscious and can be released, reviewed and choices can be made. We are no longer caught in the unconscious binary matrix, but find ourselves in the moment with infinite possibilities a transition from duality to unity.

This Unified Consciousness turn creates a life of magical synchronicity – we are no longer stuck in the push-pull of life, but in the flow and aligned with our Positive Conscious intention.

Life is joyful, exciting, fulfilling and amazing.